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Videos and Podcasts

Investing amidst virus worries
Our latest insights and asset class views as we navigate these rapidly evolving circumstances

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  • Asia Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2020

    Bill Maldonado, CIO, APAC, discusses the key drivers of markets in 1H20 and shares his views on the market outlook for the rest of the year.
    10 June 2020, 3 minutes
  • Mid-year Outlook Podcast

    The trend accelerator
    03 June 2020, 15 minutes
  • Mid-year Investment Outlook

    Joe Little provides a macro and multi-asset outlook for the remainder of 2020.
    03 June 2020, 5 minutes
  • Building a strategic partnership

    HSBC Global Asset Management’s Vis Nayar shares his views on building a strategic partnership and best practice in systematic investment during the Fiduciary Investors Digital Forum
    03 June 2020, 25 minutes
  • Inside View Episode 2: Opportunities for Insurers in Emerging Markets Debt

    The Covid crisis has thrown the existing balance in relative attractiveness of asset classes up in the air and created new opportunities for investors. Our Global Head of Insurance Segment, Andries Hoekema, explains.
    26 May 2020, 2 minutes
  • Inside View Episode 1: Strong Markets, Weak Macro by Joe Little

    Economic data remains unprecedentedly weak, but stock markets have rallied strongly. Our Global Chief Strategist Joe Little explains.
    14 May 2020, 2 minutes
  • Video: Asia high dividend strategy

    The video explains the attractive characteristics of our Asia high dividend strategy and the investment process we undertake to build its portfolio.
    22 April 2020, 4 minutes
  • China bonds in the Year of the Rat

    Ming Leap, Portfolio Manager, discusses the outlook for China bonds in 2020 and why he remains constructive on the asset class, given its attractive valuations, solid fundamentals and increasing role in global bond markets.
    15 January 2020, 4 minutes
  • Insurance investing in a low forever world

    Implications for insurance investing in a low-forever environment
    09 January 2020, 4 minutes
  • Indian equity: 2020 investment outlook

    Nilang Mehta, Portfolio Manager, Indian Equity, discusses the potential catalysts for Indian equities and explains his investment themes of choice for 2020.
    06 January 2020, 4 minutes
  • China 2020 in 90 seconds

    In light of stabilising growth and a limited trade deal being inked between China and the US, Bill Maldonado, Chief Investment Officer, Asia-Pacific, answers questions on what we can expect from Chinese policymakers and markets in 2020.
    19 December 2019, 1 minutes
  • Asia high yield: Steadier, higher, stronger

    Alfred Mui, Head of Asian Credit, and Geoffrey Lunt, Senior Product Specialist for Asian Fixed Income, highlight the reasons why Asian high yield bonds stand out as an asset class in this market environment and discuss the investment opportunities the team at HSBC Global Asset Management is identifying in this space.
    20 November 2019, 4 minutes
  • China A-shares: Truly open for business

    Steve Lee, Head of China and Taiwan at HSBC Global Asset Management and Michael Zheng, Head of Investment at HSBC Jintrust, discuss the opportunities presented by China's A-share market to foreign investors.
    05 September 2019, 4 minutes
  • Asia investment outlook: All eyes on China

    In this video, Bill Maldonado, Chief Investment Officer, Asia-Pacific, discusses the key drivers of markets in 1H19 and shares his views on the outlook and major challenges for the rest of the year.
    10 June 2019, 4 minutes
  • The Triple Appeal of HSBC's Hong Kong Dollar Liquidity Strategy

    Gordon Rodrigues, Head of Asian Rates & FX, and Michael Larsen, APAC Head of Liquidity Product, discuss the new developments surrounding HSBC's Hong Kong dollar liquidity investment strategy.
    09 April 2019, 4 minutes
  • Investing in China, the multi-asset way

    Denis Gould, CIO, Hong Kong Multi Asset & Wealth, discusses how a multi-asset portfolio can allow investors to capture the full opportunity set in China.
    29 March 2019, 3 minutes
  • Sustainable investing under Solvency II

    Andries Hoekema, Global Head of Insurance Segment, provides insight into the integration of ESG criteria in Solvency II-friendly investment solutions.
    28 January 2019, 4 minutes