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Notices relating to Russia
(Notice Ads 1.15MB)
28 July 2022
Shareholders’ notice
(PDF 4.34MB)
13 July 2022
10 December 2021
Form A (corporation) – Account Opening
(Investor documents 1.32MB)
01 January 2021
20 August 2020
Change of Account Information Form
(Investor documents 450.81KB)
01 July 2020
Client Information Form Corporation
(Investor documents 526.55KB)
01 July 2020
Client Information Form Individual
(Investor documents 646.04KB)
01 July 2020
CRS-CP Self Cert Form
(Investor documents 238.43KB)
01 July 2020
CRS-E Entities Self Cert Form
(Investor documents 295.7KB)
01 July 2020
CRS-I Individual Self Cert Form
(Investor documents 1.18MB)
01 July 2020
Form B Transaction
(Investor documents 733.48KB)
01 July 2020
Form C Redemption H Corporate
(Investor documents 1.49MB)
01 July 2020
Form C Redemption H Individual
(Investor documents 2.63MB)
01 July 2020
Form C Redemption H Joint
(Investor documents 2.49MB)
01 July 2020
Instrument of Transfer Form
(Investor documents 114.15KB)
01 July 2020
Investment advisers of HSBC Portfolios
(Investor documents 328.77KB)
24 June 2020
Explanatory Memorandum
(Investor documents 1.04MB)
01 December 2019
Financial Report
(Investor documents 1.44MB)
01 December 2019
Understanding RMB Liquidity
(Investor documents 1.43MB)
01 May 2019
01 January 2018
01 January 2018