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Macro commentary
  • Video

    Chinese equity: Poised for policy push

    What is fuelling global investors’ interest in China now? Is the recovery in Chinese equity markets here to stay? Watch the full video featuring Caroline Yu Maurer, head of China and Asia Core equities, to uncover the key themes driving the Chinese equity markets and what they could mean for active investors.
    11 July 2024
  • Articles

    India fixed income – Elections, inclusion and allocation

    India is now at the end of its six-week long general election process. Though there is a possibility of market volatility during election time, India’s bond markets operate on a strong macro framework that has been strengthened by continuing reforms over the last three decades. Meanwhile, markets are anticipating the start of JPMorgan’s index inclusion of India government bonds at the end of June, which is expected to bring in significant investment inflows.
    27 May 2024, 7 minutes
  • Articles

    Offshore RMB money market – growing momentum amid rising RMB usage

    With China’s significant role in the global economy, continued developments in RMB internationalisation, and growing usage of the offshore RMB currency, HSBC Asset Management’s offshore RMB money market strategy addresses investor demand for more viable investment solutions to manage RMB liquidity.
    23 May 2024
  • Podcast

    Asia markets: Outlook for the Year of the Dragon

    In this podcast, Head of China Equity Caroline Maurer and Head of Asian Fixed Income Investment Management Alfred Mui discuss the 2024 investment landscape for China and Asia in the Year of the Dragon.
    21 February 2024, 3 minutes
  • Video

    Unleashing the power in Asia Fixed Income: Outlook for the Year of the Dragon

    The Year of the Dragon is expected to bring plenty of opportunities and present favorable conditions for Asia fixed income markets. Learn more in this video.
    14 February 2024
  • Video

    India Multi Income Strategy: One market, many opportunities

    As the world’s fastest growing major economy in 2024, India continues to stand out against the backdrop of a global slowdown. Watch this video to find out how our India multi-asset investment strategy can help investors capture potential income and capital gains from this exceptional market.
    08 January 2024, 3 minutes
  • Articles

    India election: Policy over politics

    As the world's largest democracy, India’s national elections in 2024 are of great importance for several reasons. In this article, Nilang Mehta, portfolio manager of Indian equities, shares his views on the policy and investment implications of the recent state elections and the things to watch out for as the 2024 nation elections heat up.
    12 December 2023, 10 minutes
  • Articles

    Why not India?

    How does the investment case for India hold up amidst global uncertainties and India’s upcoming general election? Does the argument for allocating to India change with JPMorgan’s index inclusion announcement? Our macro, fixed income and equity experts weigh in on these questions and more.
    31 October 2023
  • Articles

    India bonds: index inclusion

    JPMorgan has confirmed the addition of India government bonds in its emerging market indices. Read the update to learn more about the long-awaited index inclusion and the impact on the India fixed income asset class.
    22 September 2023, 3 mins
  • Video

    India's Roaring Twenties

    A new India, enabled by digitalisation, technology and energy transition, is making a mark on the world stage and presenting exciting investment opportunities.
    08 September 2023
  • Press release

    HSBC Asset Management acquires L&T Investment

    HSBC Asset Management (India) Private Ltd. received approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India to acquire L&T Investment Management
    13 October 2022, 2 minutes