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HSBC Asset Management participation in COP 26

COP26 Investment implications
01 December 2021
    Download the full reportPDF, 3.57MB

    HSBC Asset Management participation in COP 26

    In a nutshell :
    As COP26 just ended, comments on its outcomes are flourishing from all parts. From simple ‘failure’ to ‘unprecedented commitment to save our most precious assets’, opinions about the success of the event vary dramatically from one commentator to another. As an asset manager, our views are more mitigated, but overall optimistic – especially in regards to the commitments from the private sector.
    Indeed, COP26 didn’t make us realise that global warming and climate change are risks to be considered when investing.
    Similarly, we already knew that the transition to a new economy and the flow of innovation that comes with it represents a great investment opportunity. In our views, COP26 shouldn’t be seen as a game changer but more as an accelerator. It increased awareness around the extent of the issue and promoted new actions to speed up the collective effort to limit climate change’s impact on our environment, our society, and our investments.
    In this report, we share our main takeaways of the conference and look at what all these agreements and pledges actually mean from an investment perspective. To discover more, see the report attached.

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