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Brochure: Allocating to Asia

In this brochure, we explore some key considerations for including Asia in a global portfolio under current market conditions.
10 January 2020
    Download the full reportPDF, 2.7MB

    Why Allocate to Asia?

    Increasing representation

    • Asia ex Japan is under-represented in equity and bond indices relative to its significant, and still growing, contribution to global GDP
    • Inclusion of onshore Chinese assets into global indices is a concrete step towards closing the representation gap; seen prompting strong inflows into Asian markets over the next few years

    Continuing economic growth and transformation

    • Asian economies are becoming more consumption-driven and less reliant on investment-fuelled growth and exports
    • A fast-growing middle class and rising urbanisation present a large universe of opportunities for new and existing businesses
    • Skills-upgrade of the labour force can help unleash the productivity potential of Asian workers

    Equities and bonds - attractive valuations

    • Asian bonds offer higher yields relative to their global counterparts
    • Asian equities are trading at a discount to equities in the developed world
    • Solid and improving fundamentals in both Asian bonds and Asian equities

    A hotbed of technological innovation

    • China is the world's leading producer of industrial robots and has the second largest number of AI companies, after the US
    • China will have the largest market for electric vehicles for decades to come
    • Asian markets are quickly adopting mobile payment platforms, embracing the notion of a cashless society

    Supportive policy backdrop

    • Election outcomes are largely in line with market expectations - uncertainty alleviated
    • Policies conducive to economic growth are expected to be maintained in the region; structural reforms to continue

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